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From a humble beginning in 1996, we have grown progressively year after year to become the premier safety company. The level of awareness on workplace safety has grown over the last few years. But due to ignorance on genuine safety equipment a majority of workers use sub-standard products, thus exposing themselves to workplace hazards, while the other majority may have the correct safety products but seriously lack the appropriate training on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

At Afrisafe we not only sell genuine guaranteed PPE, but also train our clients on appropriate application.That is why we emphasise when you think safety think Afrisafe. This is because we are not merchandisers of safety products but specialists, who value human life!


All our products conform and are certified to the following International Safety

  • European Norm (EN)
  • South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)
  • British Standards (BS)
  • American National Safety Institue (ANSI or NIOSH)

We do not sell products which do not have technical specifications or certification.
Specialised and trained staff (PPE and other workplace instruments) who endevour
to share our knowledge with our clients.

Since an informed client makes an informed choice, we offer free training on:

  • PPE care, Cleaning & Maintanance
  • Hazard Assesment
  • New and emerging safety trends and methods

Due to our professionalism and best work ethics, we have been appointed as the Sole Country Distributor of the World’s Largest and renown Safety Company MSA ( Mining Safety Appliances ). We are committed to giving you the best services in terms of quality and delivery as per mutual agreement between you and us of any breach by ourselves the buck stops with the undersigned!

Afrisafe has a wide variety of the occupational safety and health products required for personal protection ranging from head to toe. Our products also meet the strigent International Standards i.e. E.E.C, British, South Africa and American.

to “Sell” safety products , but we go further and advise our client/s on the appropriate application.


Making safety paramount in workplaces by ensuring that we supply the appropriate PPE, (Personal Protective Equipment).


To be the Premier safety provider in East Africa by providing Certified equipment and sharing our knowledge on best practices in safety application.


To be the reference in safety business in Kenya and beyond through provision of quality equipment and best practice that protect and satisfy our clients.


At all times, we strive to supply on the same day upon placement of confirmed order by the clients, subjects to availability of the goods. In case of a likely delay or unavailability of any product we will honestly inform you early enough. We also respond to enquiries and quotations immediately they are recieved, to enable you to make a quick decision.


Rest assured that you will be treated with courtesy and respect because we value human relationships and feelings. We know a customer who is satisfied and fulfilled is our best reference and marketer.



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