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This section displays all the products sold by Afrisafe Company Limited

Fall Arrestors

A fall arrest system is an assembly of components and subsystems, including the necessary connectors, used to arrest the user in a fall from a working height and suspend the user until rescue can be effected. A fall arrest system must always include a full body harness and connecting means between the harness and an anchorage or anchorage connector. Such connecting means may consist of a lanyard, energy (shock) absorber, fall arrester (rope grab), lifeline, self-retracting lanyard or qualified combination of these.

Hearing Protection

Wearing earplugs or ear muffs can prevent damage to hearing, exposure to high noise levels can cause irreversible hearing lose or impairment as well as physical and physiological stress.

Hand Protection

Workers exposed to harmful substances through skin absorption, severe cuts, sever abrasions,chemical burns, thermal burns, and harmful temperature extremes will benefit from hand protection.

Air Purifying Protection

Workers must use appropriate respirators to protect against adverse health effects caused by breathing air contaminated with harmful dusts, fogs, fumes, mists, gases, smokes, sprays or vapours.

First Aid Kits

First Aid kits contain a balanced assortment of first aid and medical supplies necessary for treatment of most minor injuries, aches and pains. They are of various sizes depending on the number of persons in a workplace.

Site Management

Various site management equipment that offer high visibility are ideal for temporary construction site, road working, recreation areas etc.

Protective Clothing

They are made of various high quality comfortable fabric and provide comfort to the worker.

Foot Protection

Available with us is a wide range of leather shoes that are made with superior quality leather. These leather shoes go well at any occasion ans their unique design makes them a class apart. The range is available in various sizes to meet the requirement for end buyers.

Head Protection

Our helmets are of a quality shell with durable injection of polypropylene material. Available with four-point or six-point adjustable suspension for shock absorbing. Chin strap available on orders. Ideal for construction, mining, oil rigging, power refineries, petrochemicals, steel, transmission, aluminium,defence and telecommunication industries.

Eye Protection


Our protective spectacles are various and offer protection against UV, impact resistance against flying objects and splash chemicals for both outdoor and industrial application. The spectacles combine unique design and style.